• You may be thinking of the author of this article is crazy and you may be right. One thing that Winston Churchill said that no doubt has influenced some of SEO consultants I have worked is that next to the famous quote “I have made drinking more than it has taken me.” Not that this statement applies to the author, of course, I can say that safelly have defeated her drink! Really we can say that Winston Churchill gave the modern day Guru SEO Internet Marketing Consultant or any useful advice from his many great quotes. You can not think, but when considering the minefield of understanding the Google algorithm and constantly fight for the top of Google for important keywords against what sometimes seems like millions of competitors in a little “We will fight on the beaches”, etc. come to mind soon.

    Unfortunately, the biggest battle facing the majority of SEO consultants is chaos in their own market, which thousands of websites that offer SEO services and various levels of partial guarantees and so much contradictory advice is Rapidload become an industry is screaming for regulation. The owners of consumer and business web site is completely confused and not knowing who to trust.

    The reality of good SEO is that there are two aspects to the game is in place and the other external. Restaurants in the site structure is critical and if you take the time to read all the advice from Google Webmaster Google and the Google webmaster blog all the answers are there, no big secrets to follow the rules and make the work. If you do these two things until you have done more than his competitors, then you will win. I meet with many business owners are confused and distrustful of the SEO industry I can only conclude that as an industry we must recognize the qualifications and training, it really is time to clean up our act and put the bottle . If, as an industry that we trust and our industry to succeed we must be transparent about what we do, drop all the smoke and mirrors and dark treat in general. We must be prepared to explain what we do and do it properly with professional standards that deliver consistent results.


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