• I get frequent requests from my friends and business associates to audit their websites and most times, I personally do the reviews for my friends.

    Out of hundreds of analyses I have made and thousands of others that my team has made (from requests at http://SiteCheckReport.com), I see 5 common recommendations that could benefit most online business owners today.

    By applying these simple yet powerful recommendations, hundreds of business owners have got incredible results. They are anything totally new but business owners hesitate to implement that costs them sales everyday.

    Here are the 5 common recommendations that you too could benefit from.

    List Building.
    You are not in business if you are not building a list of interested prospects from your website. List building is a very important aspect and you should doing this right away. Offer something valuable in exchange for the prospects name and email address. Make is simple and easy to subscribe. You can also use a lightbox-popup for extra effect.

    Webinars & Teleseminars.
    If possible (and I strongly recommend) start doing regular webinars or teleseminars. This is easier than it appears to be. Start registering interested prospects and talk to them. Give valuable information during the webinar and finally ASK them to signup. Very effective. http://GoToMeeting.com is a popular platform for this. http://FreeConferenceCall.com is another resource.

    Personal Videos.
    Promotional or advertising videos are good for promotion and backlinks. For converting visitors into paying customers, I suggest using personal videos. You can appear in the video and talk to your prospects. It seems weird at first but it is easier than you think. Just make points from your sales page and say it on the video.

    Contact Phone.
    Have a phone number displayed prominently on the website. Many people would want to give a call before they can make up their mind. People nowadays are fed up with scams and want to make sure that there’s a real person behind the website. This tip alone could make a huge difference to your business. If feasible, buy a toll-free phone number and redirect that to your cell phone or hire a VA to take your calls. If you are getting more calls, you can hire a call-center too. http://TollFreeForwarding.com is a service that I personally use. There are dozens of others in the marker.

    Go Mobile.
    Do you have a mobile version of your website? If not, get one done immediately. There are 3 times more mobile users than computer users. Millions of people are using their mobiles to search the Internet. Regular websites do not render well on most mobiles and a big turn-off to prospects. Mobile-Local-Ads.com is one of our allied services that does a great job of creating and promoting mobile sites.

    Just go ahead and start implementing any or all of these recommendations and take your business to the next level. Remember, provide quality content and you don’t need to sweat it out for promotion. People will naturally drift towards your website.

    Hope this helps and see you again in the next video soon.


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