• Global Internet Advertising MarketDear Business Owner,

    Internet Advertising is a huge, $88 billion industry. In order to leverage this global market effectively, we are seeking partners in your area. Are you interested in co-presenting an awesome “Business Opportunity” program with us?

    This is something we’ve been working on for more than 18 months and right now we are looking for promotional partners to present this amazing opportunity to entrepreneurs, in your area.

    The ‘program’ is actually delivered as a 1-day event, typically in a workshop/boot-camp kind of environment. The target audience are “Business Opportunity Seekers” – people who are interested in starting their own business.

    Participants learn how to start their own “Internet Marketing Agency”, tapping into the $88 billion global industry and expected to touch $118.94 by 2014, according to latest research by ZenOptimedia.

    As our co-branding partner, you’ll make $7K to 17K just from the event PLUS… 10K to 25K recurring monthly. And it can be done over and over again.

    We have developed a complete business-plan and we’ll also take care of the 1-day boot-camp. We will present the program and provide course material for participants, as well.

    Your role would be to market the boot-camp and fill in the seats (starting with about 20-25 business opportunity seekers). Our vision is to conduct regular boot-camps in all major cities across Australia.

    If you are interested, email your full contact details, location and your business profile (or bio) to info@infoyogis.com and get the detailed “Business Plan”.


    Raam Anand
    President, infoYOGIS

    infoYOGIS is the LARGEST Internet Marketing Agency in Asia, with more than 100 full-time employees :-)

  • make money, passive income, income streams

    Today, traditional revenue streams aren’t producing as much income for your business as they once did.

    Of course, royalties are the life-blood of franchise businesses but there are a couple more interesting income streams you can add that can provide a quick turn-around on revenue and won’t exhaust your resources.

    Franchisors are spending tons of money and resources on recruiting new franchisees, providing them support, marketing help, training and so on.

    Often, the resources you provide are under utilized or the franchisees simply don’t know or understand how to make the best use of them.

    Top 2 questions of most franchisees today are..

    • “How to get more customers?”
    • “How my franchisor can support me?”

    Now, before I reveal the 2 additional income streams that you can add quickly to your business AND, at the same time, provide effective answers to both the questions above, let me give you a brief introduction on who I am and why you must pay attention to what I am going to say.

    My name is Raam Anand and I’m the President of infoYOGIS, a Company sought after by thousands of businesses in 5 continents, employing more than 100 full-time executives and considered as the LARGEST Internet Marketing Agency in Asia. infoYOGIS has presence in the US, Australia and India.

    infoYOGIS provides Internet Marketing Consulting, Online Marketing services, Website Traffic related services and Reputation Management services with a focus on “How Businesses can Leverage Social and Emerging Technologies”.

    infoYOGIS is trusted by businesses all over the world as their “online marketing partner”.

    Okay… that’s enough bragging :-) Let’s talk about how you too can add 2 incredibly easy and highly profitable income streams to YOUR business — quickly and easily.

    Both these streams can be added to your business without any cost, extra effort or resources. The first way is quicker and you can get started in minutes. It can produce massive revenues, recurring monthly.

    The second way provides you with the freedom of developing and growing the income stream steadily and also claim the ownership. Again, you don’t have to invest anything, no costs, no resources.

    Lo and behold! Here are the 2 ‘proven’ income streams:-

    This rest of this article is censored because I don’t want to dilute the idea. This information is ONLY for business owners and companies that are REALLY serious about adding additional income streams to their franchise business. If you’d like to know what exactly the 2 profitable income streams are… and how it works:

    • Meet me personally at WCFE, Los Angeles during Nov 4-6 at booth #440…


  • Let me share a stratling new discovery I made recently. I was trying to form a joint venture deal with some of my online marketing friends…

    I sent them my JV proposal, but nothing happened. I didn’t receive any reply.

    Then I followed up with a gentle reminder. A few of them replied, telling me that they had missed my earlier email!

    Another reminder…

    This second email got my partners’ attention. I got replies and all of them wanted to go ahead with my proposed JV.

    You see, follow up is the key to success in joint ventures.

    That’s why I decided to build a robust, database-driven software to care of all the Joint Venture offers I send and receive.

    This brand new software, aptly named, JV Manager, is capable of managing your JV proposals and automate follow-ups, reminders and replies.

    JV Manager software can even “”Broadcast”” your JV offer instantly to all your potential JV partners!

    Got a new product or service?…

    … Use one of the templates provided, type your details and hit “”Submit”” to broadcast your JV offer.

    It’s that easy and JV Manager takes care of the rest.

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