• internet marketing webinarDo YOU want to start your own, highly profitable, Internet Marketing Agency in your area?

    Forget about local marketing and SEO Consulting… they don’t pay as much as an AGENCY can demand. I know this because I own an IM Agency since 2005 and I have taken this business from nothing to Asia’s largest. We employ more than 100 full-time professionals and earn over a million dollars in revenue.

    I am doing a very special webinar and sharing my perspectives, thoughts and plans on starting your own 5 figure or even 6 figure Internet Marketing Agency. I will be teaching everything about the “business side” of running an IM Agency, getting customers, fulfilling their requirements and raking in monthly recurring income from this recession-proof occupation.

    During this 90 minute webinar, I will teach you everything you need to know about starting your own Internet Marketing Agency and more specifically, the reasons why you must own an AGENCY right now and how to earn recurring monthly income from your agency. I am also going to share a premium resource that will catapult your success by taking care of the 3 most important part of any business — customer acquisition, fulfillment and satisfaction.

    DATE: AUGUST – 23 – 2012

    TIME: 1:00 PM PST

    DURATION: 90 minutes


  • Raam Anand shares his insights on the recent changes at Google and how these changes will affect your online business. Raam also advices on how to fix the problems and get to top of search engines.

    • Less importance to anchor text inbound links
    • Pick text from page content instead of meta tags
    • New algorithm to filter duplicate content accurately
    • Most recent content to show up at the top
    • More online data will help rank better (prices etc.)
    • Making your website ‘ready’ for mobile and tablet
    • Solves “host crowding”, giving a fair chance to everyone!

  • Raam Anand says.. “Yes, predictions are hard, especially about the future. But they’re fun! And, sometimes, they can even be useful and help clarify one’s thinking about the future. And so, in the spirit of enlightened thinking about our industry, here are my predictions for the year 2012”

    – Facebook crosses 1 billion users
    – Mobile marketing will grow beyond expectations
    – Small and micro SEO companies will perish
    – Google will strive to show it is STILL the King
    – Social Media will grow even bigger with new dimensions

  • Here are the top 3 objects that my sales team handles frequently and how to handle these objections tactfully.

  • I get frequent requests from my friends and business associates to audit their websites and most times, I personally do the reviews for my friends.

    Out of hundreds of analyses I have made and thousands of others that my team has made (from requests at http://SiteCheckReport.com), I see 5 common recommendations that could benefit most online business owners today.

    By applying these simple yet powerful recommendations, hundreds of business owners have got incredible results. They are anything totally new but business owners hesitate to implement that costs them sales everyday.

    Here are the 5 common recommendations that you too could benefit from.

    List Building.
    You are not in business if you are not building a list of interested prospects from your website. List building is a very important aspect and you should doing this right away. Offer something valuable in exchange for the prospects name and email address. Make is simple and easy to subscribe. You can also use a lightbox-popup for extra effect.

    Webinars & Teleseminars.
    If possible (and I strongly recommend) start doing regular webinars or teleseminars. This is easier than it appears to be. Start registering interested prospects and talk to them. Give valuable information during the webinar and finally ASK them to signup. Very effective. http://GoToMeeting.com is a popular platform for this. http://FreeConferenceCall.com is another resource.

    Personal Videos.
    Promotional or advertising videos are good for promotion and backlinks. For converting visitors into paying customers, I suggest using personal videos. You can appear in the video and talk to your prospects. It seems weird at first but it is easier than you think. Just make points from your sales page and say it on the video.

    Contact Phone.
    Have a phone number displayed prominently on the website. Many people would want to give a call before they can make up their mind. People nowadays are fed up with scams and want to make sure that there’s a real person behind the website. This tip alone could make a huge difference to your business. If feasible, buy a toll-free phone number and redirect that to your cell phone or hire a VA to take your calls. If you are getting more calls, you can hire a call-center too. http://TollFreeForwarding.com is a service that I personally use. There are dozens of others in the marker.

    Go Mobile.
    Do you have a mobile version of your website? If not, get one done immediately. There are 3 times more mobile users than computer users. Millions of people are using their mobiles to search the Internet. Regular websites do not render well on most mobiles and a big turn-off to prospects. Mobile-Local-Ads.com is one of our allied services that does a great job of creating and promoting mobile sites.

    Just go ahead and start implementing any or all of these recommendations and take your business to the next level. Remember, provide quality content and you don’t need to sweat it out for promotion. People will naturally drift towards your website.

    Hope this helps and see you again in the next video soon.

  • Many WordPress users have no idea how valuable WordPress SEO Training is your online success. To miss the opportunity to take advantage of WordPress SEO training is not recommended. SEO When combined with WordPress, you'll be quite surprised by the results. Trying to make money without WordPress would be like trying to paddle upstream without a paddle. So it is so important to get quality training. Stop fighting to be found!

    There are two versions of the WordPress that can work for you. For some people tuff times right now. This feature of WordPress gives you the ability to start without spending money WordPress.com. The second option is part 3 of application hosted on WordPress. If it is hot on getting started with WordPress the best way, with paid hosting optimization offers more controllable and pleasant, and design templates. Download WordPress and linking information is here: WordPress.org

    Regardless of the options, the point is to take action and how to optimize WordPress SEO Training with immediately. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, is a way of refining your web site or web sites for favorable rankings in search engines. People use WordPress for many reasons, but the most obvious reasons are to get readers, subscribers or monetize.

    Many WordPress users but 90% never learn to optimize their sites. Obviously, this leaves a great opportunity for you to dominate search results in multiple search terms. Bloggers and marketing to make money, find training to WordPress SEO in action is very rewarding. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get the cash by the truck load. Winning online is directly related to how well the ranking in search engines.

    Already have a WordPress blog? Do you think your blog is terrible? Do not worry, you can gradually make improvements over time. All you have to do is be willing to learn simple WordPress SEO strategies and begin to act today. By optimizing WordPress, it's better to have a front-page advertisement in The Wall Street Journal! This equates to huge mark, more visitors, said readers, many subscribers and a greater number of potential customers. Taking advantage of the free WordPress SEO training is not optional and there are no excuses when it comes to building the fan base.

    The only way to get on the first page of search engine listings without a blog is SEO optimized for advertising with pay per click (PPC) ads. Pay Per Click is fast. Pay Per Click advertising offered by major search engines to work fast, but is considered a risk to people without proper training CFP. The target keywords for PPC can cost dollars per click, especially if there's tons of competition. WordPress Not yet? It's probably a good idea for you to start. There will never be a better time to get WordPress SEO training.

  • If you were to listen to the commentators of the last decade, then you might be forgiven for thinking that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are the only way people could communicate online. It almost seems that before these two sites is all I could do was send emails and telephone each other. But this network a great disservice, because long before social networking was a great look and flourishing network of like-minded people to communicate and collaborate in many different ways.

    One of the most common methods of interaction that is growing today is the 'forum'. Forums are essentially forums where people can start a "thread" and others who contribute to it, or simply start a discussion on the topic. Due to the enormous variety of topics in the world and the large number of people with access to the Internet, there is an almost unlimited number of forums that may be part of, some more popular than others.

    Forums can be very beneficial to our search engine marketing because they can perform two functions in our search. First, it can be a great place to get links (and links to our ranking in search engines) and secondly, through social interaction that can potentially find new leads and new customers.

    But Adding links to your posts on the forum in general is a big 'no' in many forums, both social networks, has to be a little smart about it.

    A section of the site that most forums have in common is the "signature". This is a section of code that is added to each message that you do and in many cases, you can add links to it. A word of warning – frowning in some forums to add signatures and principles worth getting involved at the first forum and get a bit of a name for yourself before adding. In fact, many boards to enforce a rule that you must have available a number of observations before the allow you to add any type of signature to your posts.

    The thing to remember is that when you are taking part in any forum, you are actually a guest in your system and if you do something that goes against their rules or ethics, are very much his right to remove from the server. There is another thing to watch out – the 'no follow' tag.

    The world of Internet forums is divided almost equally between those who love the visitors and their linkages, and those who do not. It's a chicken and egg, because those who actively encourage you to post links on their sites end up getting lots of visitors and therefore lots of links to themselves – the increase in popularity, but also get a great amount of spam.

    But those who do not like leaving links, or just make it really difficult to do so will lose out on a lot of traffic. At day's end, it really depends on the theme of the site and if money in any way. Some who do not like leaving links sometimes give each link an attribute that was introduced some years ago, the "nofollow".

    This attribute is introduced as part of a normal relationship and is notified by the code rel = "nofollow" tag near the anchor.What this does is tell search spiders (the routines that search engines send to browse the web) that the relationship is about to see should not be followed, in effect, be ignored.

    Now, many SEO experts disagree as to whether this actually means a link using "nofollow" is completely useless and some are evidence that you really do make a difference and not be ruled out entirely, however most will agree that if we are to look for links to make a greater effort in those that do not use this attribute.

    So now we just have to find ways to discover whether it is nofollow or not and, fortunately, is easy, see the source of the page you are viewing will play. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox this is easy, simply click on the menu 'item' and select 'View Source'. You are presented with what may seem a lot of code with fear, but all you need do is press 'Ctrl-F' to display the "find" command and do a search for a link on the page. Then just search for 'rel = nofollow ". If you find it and you're just looking for links below, you can spend, but you stay because you are interested in the issue – Check it out a bit more.

    You see, it's really not worth being too demanding with these sites because they do not allow links probably have a greater value. Are less likely to be full of spam and therefore more value on social networks in general. It may also be allowing links after giving a little back to the community.

    That's it, that does not link building lark is clean cut and easy to quantify as many would have you think, but worth investigating and could be achieved not only some decent links affect your ranking, but can make a plenty of worthwhile links.

  • Undoubtedly, the Internet is the most popular, cheaper, and more convenient source for learning about anything you need today. In fact, many traditional education courses started in the past will be mailed the audio and video components to meet specific material instructing offer both online learning for immediate download or articles that you can easily access your personal computer.

    Tons of tips

    SEO training is available in many ways on the Internet. There are hundreds of online forums where people like you can ask a question that is answered by people like you who have already discovered how or what to do in the issue you brought up. In addition, there are plenty of informative articles on the Internet that relate to the overall review of the SEO and learning quick tips that can solve a particular source of inexperience or confusion it may have. However, many of the items you find on the Internet are designed to take you to a website where you can buy SEO services or book a course online or download a component that will teach the necessary techniques. Depending on your current level of knowledge, an article could tip sheet and needs of education needed. Obviously, the search and free items are the least expensive way to obtain search engine optimization knowledge, however, this can be cumbersome, tedious and long process.

    Take the course

    The best advice for anyone looking to learn techniques to search engine optimization is well sign up for an entire course online or to download one. The free reports, tips, articles, and participation in certain online forums search engine optimization can help increase the information they learn from participating in a full course. This participation in training of SEO not only allow you to complete a knowledge base of techniques search engine optimization, but through the purchase, membership or registration you more than likely after you get access to any course of update or change information. SEO techniques can be quite complex and constantly changing. Therefore, before choosing to pay for any course, whether downloadable or online, make sure there is a large and competent to monitor the process of learning. SEO practices used today announced five years ago are not necessarily the most effective practices to be used within five years, or now. Therefore, make sure you get the most of your investment through an education course feature that allows you access to lifelong learning.

    Learn at your own pace

    Beware of seminars where you have to participate in a specific time and place for the training of SEO. Despite these online learning opportunities you can afford that proper and adequate amount of information, lack of comfort may be greater than the course content. An important aspect of downloadable material is, even if it is designed in several chapters that can access these when you want anytime you want.

    There are several ways to access the SEO training that will provide the necessary training to meet their financial goals. The recommendation remains to use the Internet to participate either online or download a course of education that you can follow his own pace.

  • If you take a look elsewhere Share This, you see that there are already some items in this series that talk about how you can increase your ranking, etc using a variety of techniques and that, until now, most of them include work " off site. " So far everything I've explained what to do is to investigate how to get links to your site and how best to exploit them for your website climb the search results but there is no explanation about what to do in their own pages.

    Well, here it is – almost everything you need to know about preparing your site to all visitors and guess what? It's dead easy!

    First, we must dispel some myths about the site search engine tactics and let's start with one of the biggest and best: the density of keywords.

    The keyword density is a measure of how many times our specific keywords appear in a given text in relation to the number of words in the text. So, if a hundred words and keywords appear 10 times, your keyword density is 10%. Simple. Some SEO experts would have you believe that if you increase the keyword density then you will have a better chance of beating your competition in the search results, but this seems true. Furthermore, in fact, can make your pages look really bad, here's an example.

    To try to increase their keyword density, some people include the keyword in the paragraphs to the point that just looks weird. Here's a bad example:

    "This is the best place for the training of SEO in the UK, so if you're really after the formation of SEO for your business and has not investigated the formation of SEO before, then this should be your SEO company to stop train.

    It looks horrible and read a lot. The thing is that most of the content of your pages not target the search engines at all, we must work to achieve a sale of a human being. It's the people you are watching your content, and therefore people can buy things, so stick to turn to them and not machines.

    It is true that the content should contain some relevance to your keywords, but again, keep it in a context of English that makes sense. If you read it and it does not sound particularly good then the chances are that it will look strange to other and may be making a purchase.

    So if you're not going to be doing the keyword density then what are the main things to look out for? Here is a run-down:

    • Title tag

    This is the most important aspect of your on-page SEO and you should be careful to get this right. Just a little space in which to write his masterpiece, maybe you do not waste six words with "Welcome to our site" or "We wish you a happy Thursday", just get to the crux of the matter and explain their products succinctly:

    "Navy blues Widgets | Widgets for your boat"

    It is important, you should make sure not to put too many and various keywords in your title tag or the fact confusing text on your page. I can handle this in another article in more depth, but remember that each page should have only one subject or theme – that is easy for people and make it easy for search engines.

    • Headings

    If you're not really in your HTML or do not know anything about coding your site yourself, you have to talk to their web design company that is this small. By making your page is likely to have a line of text at the top of the game. This is pretty standard and hope that we humans (more or less the way they like headlines), but you can use this to their advantage in appealing to both customers and increasing the relevance of your page .

    If you include your keywords in the title then you are increasing the relevance of the page in relation to them.You can be as blatant as in the title, but can be very frank. For example:

    "Excellent type widget blue widgets"

    • Links

    Discuss the external links in another article, but you should also consider the links within your pages too. A link from one page to another of your pages is as important as links from outside your website but is necessary to form correctly.

    Remember that the Internet was created as a method of getting information to people and the World Wide Web was designed with this in mind. Therefore, it is expected that certain words will be linked to others. You should use this to link to other parts of your website and make your overall content of the page clearer, but also making sure that the words I use refer to the page you're going to.

    For the purposes of this article, only really need to consider the fact that they simply never be used, click the word "here" if you are taking people to other parts of your site. Instead, turn the words you're explaining in the target page as the anchor text, ensuring that these are the words that actually link to the page in question.

    If you get all the items sorted in place, then you're not a million miles away from having an experience quite well optimized for both customers and search engines.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps companies improve their site and save time, but could also be responsible for the risk of damaging their reputations and their site if they carefully choose one. Research before you hire. SEO firms not only provide the structure and review the content of your site, but also advise on the technical aspects of web development, help with content development and help manage the online business development campaign. They help with keyword research, SEO training, and provide expertise in specific geographic areas and markets.

    All pages of Google search results are paid advertising or organic search results. This means that as a part of Google's search engine presence of your site stands, has no effect, this is very clear from Google. In fact, Google strongly recommends that you educate yourself by reviewing the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Google 101: How Google crawls, indexes and web content before using your search engine to find an SEO. The sources are always free.

    If you are planning on creating a new site or redesigning an existing one, hire an SEO. They help improve the sites. By interacting with them to ask the SEO to show examples of previous work and share success stories. Check if you are following the Google webmaster guidelines and give advice or make any other online marketing services to complement the organic search business. Question about the expected results and schedule. Checking your experience in your particular business type, city or country.

    Take a look at the development of its international sites, if they did. Check Your SEO techniques above, and check your Revelant experience in this business. Ask them how they will communicate all changes to site. Emphasize the provision of their data, recommendations and reasons for the changes. Never open the mail or e-mails that come from Internet Consultants and SEO companies our of nowhere. SEO Company can not guarantee the # 1 ranking in any search engine on the web, beware of those who say they can. Be wary of SEO firms that do not clearly explain their intentions and act in secret.

    Any system that suggests the link popularity of ants and free for all links offered by SEO companies is a useful excuse. Do not bother. Depth research on the history of SEO firm before hire. Question and understand where your money goes. All SEO companies that own shadow domains, and doorway pages should be avoided. This indicates a rogue SEO. Other signs that tell a story is its offer to sell keywords in the address bar, not being able to distinguish ads from the search results page and the actual search results, and if they use long keyword phrases and ensure the # 1 ranking.

    If they have multiple aliases, while operating or seeking to obtain search engine traffic, scumware and spyware that are false, to avoid them. check before hiring if Google's is listed or if your domain has been removed by Google. If they ask for root access to their servers or ask your FTP account information, something suspicious. A complaint can be given online at ftc.gov, and then by clicking on "file a complaint," or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. If your not in the United States, please file http://www.econsumer.gov/