Infrastructure Leasing

Get World-Class Marketing Infrastructure With Highly Trained Experts on White-Label

How To Slash Costs By 50% and Increase Profits??

In light of today's bleak outlook of the global economy, each and every business need to cut costs and increase profits... especially businesses that sell services. Keeping and maintaining trained employees is costing a fortune and the service-industry, being people-powered, is melting under the pressure of depleting resources and increasing costs. Cut-throat competition is at an all-time high and it looks like everyone and their dog is offering the same services that you do... at a much lesser price! If you want to survive and succeed in this environment, you need to use the magical power of LEVERAGE. By leveraging other peoples' time, skills and efforts, you will be able make the best use of your own resources, focus more on your core competencies and avoid frustration... leading to more cash-paying happy customers for your business, more sales and more profits for you.


infoYOGIS - the largest Internet Marketing Agency in Asia, employing more than 100 full-time professionals. infoYOGIS has built a really HUGE infrastructure and leasing it out to other companies around the world. It is like computing-on-the-cloud -- where YOU get the latest and best infrastructure but will only pay a small fee for using that world-class infrastructure for your business. For a limited time, infoYOGIS is letting you "Lease" its marketing infrastructure, along with highly trained online marketing professionals. It is like remotely hiring "a TEAM of Top Marketing Experts" to handle your projects WITHOUT any hassles of employment, at less than one-third the investment. You can now signup as our "White-Label Partner" and get access to our world-class online marketing infrastructure that includes experts in various online marketing strategies like content creation, SEO, social media marketing, video creation, link building, online branding, mobile site creation, local search marketing, analytics, wordpress, competitor analysis, keyword research and so on. It's like hiring a TEAM of highly trained professionals but paying only for one and that too, on an hourly-rate.

How It Works?

Your company can leverage infoYOGIS's world-class infrastructure to grow your business. Get started easily by signing up to "lease" infrastructure from infoYOGIS. As soon as you signup, a dedicated "Project Manager", who is a full-time employee at infoYOGIS will be assigned to your business. You will get a login to our project management portal where you will start posting your "online marketing" tasks and projects. Your "Project Manager" will in-turn get your work done by out team of experts. Depending on your task, the right expert is utilized. For e.g., if you project involved creating videos, one of our video experts will be chipping in. Every fortnight (15-days) an invoice will be generated for the actual number of hours worked. You can settle the invoice in 3 business days. It is as simple as that. You can run any number of projects, giving your business the ability to SCALE up or down, depending on requirements. Here are some benefits of leasing our infrastructure:
  • Confidentiality

    100% confidentiality and non-competition is assured and guaranteed. We will never, ever contact your clients directly and will always be working ‘behind-the-scenes’. Our executives are full-time employees, located remotely and bound by legal agreements to safeguard your interests.

  • Infrastructure

    We have a sprawling 10,000 Sq.Ft. air-conditioned office, located at a strategic location. Our infrastructure includes fully furnished offices, More than 100 skilled executives, computers, software, UNLIMITED Internet bandwidth, subscriptions to various services, phones, printers, scanners, video editors and so on. Totally a world-class infrastructure at your fingertips!

  • Skills

    Our executives are trained on latest internet marketing strategies including content creation, video marketing, SEO, social media, press releases, blogs, reputation management, keyword research, competition research, mobile sites, sales videos, ebooks and themes, analytics and tracking, article marketing and so on. They have worked on hundreds of clients and thousands of projects.

  • Experience

    Our Executives have handled thousands of clients from several white-label partners. Many leading agencies and SEO companies have leased our infrastructure to fulfill their requirements. Our executive are trained and experienced in handling projects related to SEO, mobile marketing, social media, reputation management and various other internet marketing strategies. These are thoroughbred EXPERTS.

  • Tools & Resources

    All executives have access to dozens of latest tools, resources and software, including Keyword Elite, WordTracker, Traffic Geyser, Market Samurai, Pinnacle Video Editor, Power Director, SE Nuke, Spyfu, Compete, Quantcast and so on. They can also use our company subscriptions to your projects that include, UAW, SEO-Linkvine, Blog networks, article distribution networks, press networks etc.

  • What’s Included?

    When you signup to have us as your “Fulfillment Agency”, you will get a dedicated “Project Manager” and access to a team of online marketing experts. You get an account created on our project management portal where you can start posting your projects. You will only be billed for the actual number of hours used...

How Much Does It Cost?

Before that, let us ask you these simple questions...

(a) How much is a client worth for you each month?

(b) How many more projects your company can handle with a 'Team of Experts' on board?

(c) How much more money are you going to make?

Go ahead and answer the questions above. By doing that, you will clearly see that by LEVERAGING other peoples' time, effort and skills, you can definitely and easily MULTIPLY your income.

How much do you think it is worth to hire a highly trained EXPERT-TEAM who does all the "dirty" tasks, has access to dozens of marketing tools, using valuable resources that you don't have to pay for, works remotely with 100% confidentiality AND works for YOUR company and fulfill YOUR service obligations?

"Priceless.... Right?"

Fill the form below to apply. One of our Managers will contact you about how to "lease" our infrastructure and make use of our facilities to "fulfill" your online marketing client-needs.

Imagine the difference this opportunity could bring to your business instantly. You are going to use the magic of LEVERAGE to your advantage, save tons of money, avoid frustration and at the same time, CRUSH your competitors.

Here's a summary again:

  1. You get to virtually "hire" a TEAM of online marketing professionals.
  2. You get access to all the latest tools, resources, software like Traffic Geyser, Keyword Elite, Market Samurai, video editors and many more that are already made available to our executives.
  3. Your team will also have access to our company-wide subscriptions to services like UAW, article distribution networks, blog networks and so on.
  4. You don't have to pay for infrastructure like computers, software, printers, scanners, multiple high-speed internet connections and internet bandwidth. This feature alone is worth thousands of dollars.
  5. You get an easy to use project management account on our portal that helps you track all your work, time sheets and updates.
  6. You just pay a small hourly-fee for the services. You are free to charge any price you think fit from your clients.
More than anything else, 100% confidentiality, non-competition and complete "white-labeling" assured.

So, hurry up and start leveraging the time and effort of others... while you could be focusing on what you always wanted to do!