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infoYOGIS is the largest Internet Marketing Agency in Asia and employs more than 100 full-time professionals. We offer various specialized services related to Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), brand building, social media, mobile marketing and traffic services. Check out services below and consider us as your online marketing agency, just like hundreds of other companies all over the world.  
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    Consulting Services

    Consult with marketing and SEO experts at infoYOGIS and conquer the digital world. Our highly skilled expert-marketers will make the web work for you by developing and implementing an effective online marketing plan, customized exclusively for YOUR business.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Our SEO Experts will take care of both onsite and offsite optimization of your website, resulting in top rankings for your keywords. We help you gain a bigger market share by attracting targeted customers to your business while crushing your competition on the way.

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    Internet Marketing Services

    Our Internet marketing services are geared towards establishing your online presence, spreading your marketing messages all over the Net, projecting YOU as an obvious expert and magnetically attact targeted visitors to your business so that you get the maximum possible RoI for every buck you spend.

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    Research and Analytics

    If you are not in the top 10 rankings for your keywords, someone else is… and making tons of money in your absence! Our research team is specialized in competition and keyword research. They can guide you with their extensive experience in using various web-analytics software.

  • social media marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    According to TNS, 46% of Internet users worldwide interact with social media on a daily basis. Our social media experts are trained to make the best use of the phenomenon to your highest advantage, leading to an incredible online exposure for your business and brand.

  • facebook marketing, twitter marketing

    Facebook-Twitter Marketing

    Over 750 million active Facebook users spend more than 700 billion minutes per month, reports Ogilvy & Buddymedia. Learn how to unleash YOUR marketing messages to this huge audience and skyrocket your brand awareness and traffic all over the Internet. Be seen.

  • mobile marketing, sms marketing, text message marketing

    Mobile Marketing Services

    Today, people are looking for brands and businesses using their mobile phones. If your business is not optimized for mobile, you are leaving a big chunk of your customers and losing money every single day. There are over 4.5 billion mobile users worldwide. Check out how we can help.

  • brand, branding, brand building

    Brand Building Services

    ExactTarget reports that 64% online users like (or dislike) brands online. We provide branding services that include claiming your brand on more than 300 online properties, setting up profiles, managing content and gaining precious back-links. If you have a brand, you need this.

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    Packaged Services (popular)

    Hundreds of businesses in 5 continents trust us with their online marketing efforts. Check out our most popular services that are neatly packaged into monthly marketing programs. Our experienced marketers take care of all the back-breaking work, so you don’t have to!


Success Stories

  • Baby Shop – An e-commerce website with baby products. Initially the website’s Google Page Rank was 0 and it was not on 1st page for any of the keywords. Once we took up the project, we were able to get a Google PR of 1 and the website is now on the 1st page of Google...

  • Photography Website – This is an abstract photography website. Initially the website didn’t have any social media presence, after they took up our services we were able to get their business listed on TOP social media websites with our branding package. Now the website has a Google PR of 2 (was zero before) and has backlinks...

  • Self Care Evolution and a Company with Science fiction concepts is an opportunity websites for Amega Global Network Marketers. The website was lacking social media presence, and after implementing our Brand Management package, the website has secured backlinks from more than 300 popular Web2.0 properties.

  • Natural Hair Products Website – A ‘natural’ hair-care products website. We promoted this website and within a month, Google PR raised shot up to 4 and we could build a large number of backlinks from niche related sites which added more value to the site, resulting in high traffic. We are proud to tell that, along with the...

  • Nutritional Research Firm – Protica Inc. is a nutritional research firm specializing in the development of capsulized foods. With our brand management program, we claimed their brand name on hundreds of popular social media sites, resulting in securing 400+ backlinks within a month.

  • Australia’s Leading Sales Training Organisation is Australia’s leading sales training organisation, committed to delivering and implementing, world class training and professional development. Initially before taking up our services they did not have any online exposure and absolutely NO traffic. Just within 6 months of rigorous promotion by our experts, their website is now in TOP 10 listings of Google...

  • Mole Removal Product – There are many websites out there which provide wonderful products to remove moles. But, not only had good a product but also had genuine testimonials that proved that their product was the best. All they were missing was the online exposure for which they approached us. Within 4 months, their website was...

  • UK’s Popular Police Recruitment Website – If you stay in the UK and ever wanted to know how to become a police officer, then you MUST see this site: When they first started the site, they were all new to the world of Internet. They did not have online exposure, they did not have any backlinks, no listings...

  • Business Opportunities Review Website – The purpose of this site is to provide information for anyone wishing to start up their own business – whether this is a part-time home business or a major investment in a franchise. Simon started a series of internet businesses and has now built three 7-figure online businesses. Since he couldn’t do all...

  • Real Estate Investing Information Website – This client’s main goal was to completely outsource driving as much traffic as possible to build their list as quickly as possible. They wanted to build a relationship with their list by providing them with valuable real estate investment information and eventually sell them quality information. We built a strong internet presence for...

  • Money Making Information Website – The website helps discover EASY ways to make money on the internet. The website owner Mr. Shoji had approached us to get his website some exposure on the internet and we took up the project. Initially the Page Rank of the website was Zero and the visitors were just around 100. After 3...

  • Uk’s Popular Supplement Website is one of the most popular websites in the UK. The website offers several health products online. The keywords that we were targeting for this project were: solgar, solgar vitamins and vitamin supplements. The website was not at all listed in 1st page when we started.. after 4 months of promotion, the website is...

  • Office Furnitures Website – Superior Office Services offers both used & new office furniture. They focus much on used office furniture since it reduces the cost and preserves the environment. We are happy to announce that, with just 2 months of marketing online, we were able to get Page Rank of 2 (from 0) and the backlinks...

  • Uk’s Popular Health Products Website – This is about health supplements. The website did not have any online exposure and it had just 8 backlinks when took up this project. After implementing several SEO strategies the website’s backlinks increased to whopping 566.

  • Real Estate Investment Information Website – This site’s basic idea was that anyone who truly wants to achieve success quickly needs ‘support’ more than any other resource. When the project was started, the website’s exposure was minimal and no ranking. With our team’s expertise, we could achieve 19th position for his keyword ‘real estate investing’ with 3 months of...

  • Excellent Guide – Excellent Guide provides a powerful resource for webmasters and those browsing the internet in search for quality articles and credible websites submitted by professionals. This client had the intention of increasing traffic, hence outsourced our team. We implemented more than 10 strategies on his website and today his site is in 1st position...

  • Quitting Marijuana in ONE Single Day – This website provides free tips on quitting Marijuana in ONE Single Day! We are proud that we promoted this website for about 3 months and helped him achieve 17th position in Google for one of the keywords ‘how to quit marijuana’ (which was earlier not even listed within top 500 results).

  • Diamond Jewelry Website – Sona Diamond Jewelry is the consumer ranked #1 jewellry store in the world. This was reputed a company and was recommended by people from around the world. But, the competitors of Sona Diamond spread negative content about the business all over the Web. Nevertheless we took up this challenge, and with our reputation...

  • Painless Way To Quit Smoking – Smoke Free Tomorrow shares simple & painless way to quit smoking in just 17 days. This website provides support, resources and information to not only quit smoking for now but also to stay off of it forever. The website was outstanding with good tips and information but, was lacking the online recognition. So,...

  • Internet Success University – Tracy Repchuk, the owner of this site has a passion for writing. She has another passion for helping people make money. We helped her get more and more visitors, with 2 months of rigorous promotions. This increased the Google Page Rank from 1-3.

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