• Many websites find it hard to get off the ground, and even though their owners are paying a great deal of money to run these sites, they do not seem to know how to improve the pages so that they attract more traffic. The basic problem is that these are internet users with no experience of marketing and getting customers into an ordinary real-world shop, skills which would have been transferred into the virtual world. Because they have no experience, they often fail to implement a website marketing strategy that could have helped them to improve their site and attract people to the pages.

    Implementing a website marketing strategy is not difficult, but you need to take a close look at your site, and see if there are any obvious problems. Firstly, you should try and avoid placing an excessive amount of advertising on the site. This is often extremely unwelcome to visitors, and will put them off returning again. If you are using adverts to make revenue, then keep it low-key to ensure that you are not driving people away. If you are using an ad-generating site such as Adwords, then you may want to check what your site looks like to a casual visitor before adding too many.

    The second biggest failure in website marketing strategy is to have a site which is hard to navigate. This can be related to the problem above, where people cannot see your text or symbols on the site because of its excessive advertising, but sometimes you have just missed out on placing the page link in the right place, confused the reader with too much text and too little direction, or created other nightmares that prevent people from moving easily around the site. If you don’t fix this, you will never get returning traffic.

    Both of the problems above are symptomatic of a more serious deficit in your website marketing strategy, and that is simply creating a website that does not look professional. If you have not hired a website marketing services company, then you should seriously think about finding one if your website has poorly fitting photographs with text in a font color which clashes with the background, then it is unprofessional. Other problems such as spelling and punctuation errors can also put a visitor off your site, after all, they will not be hoping for reliable information from a website that cannot spell accurately.

  • Everyone who runs a website should know about the huge variety of available to them which can make a big difference in how much traffic they get to the site. There are many ways in which these internet marketing resources can be used in order to attract more attention to your site, including all of the major SEO instruments that can push you up the rankings and make your website look great. Using these resources to improve a website that is flagging can really make a difference, but even if you only want to do a little tweaking, the website is the ideal place to try and find somewhere to do it. Getting tinternet marketing agencyhe best from your internet marketing resources starts with being able to identify the main sources for these tools, and then managing them effectively.

    The first place that you should consider using as a resource is the world of email-capture devices. Any internet website marketing advisor will recommend this method of keeping customers. This device allows visitors to your site to “sign up” for more information. You might want to add an inducement, such as a free PDF of a report, a document or an essay that is related to the site’s subject. Visitors who want this report will provide you with their name and email address. Once you have these details, you can then move on to the next stage in your internet website marketing plan.

    As a follow-up to the email capture of client’s details, you should put together a newsletter or Ezine about your website and its business. This is essentially like the family email which goes around during the holidays, full of details, humor and information. Model your website’s Ezine on a family newsletter, and you should have an idea of what the document should look like. Once you have created the Ezine, you can then email it to everyone who has signed up to your website. Not only that, but you can do it again and again, simply changing the newsletter each time you mail your customers.

    Another great place to practice your internet website marketing skills is through the use of social media sites. These sites are often great resources because they allow you to make contact with future customers in a friendly and comfortable setting, where you can promote your website to them, and the general public, through links, posts and even through tweeting. The more people you attract through social media sites, the more likely you are to see a boost in your traffic to the main website.

  • Raam Anand says.. “Yes, predictions are hard, especially about the future. But they’re fun! And, sometimes, they can even be useful and help clarify one’s thinking about the future. And so, in the spirit of enlightened thinking about our industry, here are my predictions for the year 2012”

    – Facebook crosses 1 billion users
    – Mobile marketing will grow beyond expectations
    – Small and micro SEO companies will perish
    – Google will strive to show it is STILL the King
    – Social Media will grow even bigger with new dimensions

  • 15 years ago, you could walk into a meeting with almost ANY idea for a website… and walk away with $15 million in venture capital backing to promote your idea through billboards, TV and radio.

    10 years ago, traffic generation meant posting your site to newsgroups, classified ad sites, and free-for-all links. If people didn’t buy on the first click, heck, there was something wrong with them!

    7 years ago, before Yahoo acquired Goto.com, you could buy clicks for 1 cent a piece… get #1 listings in Google just by writing quality meta tags… and – gasp – your newsletters and e-mails would actually get delivered AND read, without worrying about content filters or Facebook eating away your audience’s attention.

    4 years ago… early AdSense pioneers could make $100/day simply throwing up junk blogs and playing arbitrage against AdWords costs. There were 3 good product launches a year, and less than a handful of ‘household names’ in small business IM. Nowadays, there are 3 new names with 3 new products every week… and the marketing is more aggressive than ever.

    Last year, CPA offers and negative billing was the path to a 7 figure income. This year, you’re more likely to get a knock on the door from the FTC!

    What’s all this mean?

    It means, marketing online changes fast. What worked yesterday, might not work today. If you’re still using promo techniques that are years or even just months out of date… you’re a dinosaur waiting for the next ‘Ice Age’ to wipe you into extinction. Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding that the traffic has dried up, and the sources you’re relying on to supply it, no longer can.

    What would you do? How would you adapt?

    There’s more money than ever to be made online… but that are also *far* more people competing for the pie. Today’s web is much more open and dynamic than ever. Niches are discovered quicker, search engine algorithms exploited, statistics and keywords analyzed and taken advantage of faster than ever before… and if you’re not plugged into the community of pioneers ready to teach you what’s working for them TODAY… you’re giving away your profits to someone who is.

    That’s why, I absolutely recommend visiting a top Internet Marketing seminar *at least* once per year. There’s no better place to keep your finger on the pulse, and learn from the best.

    The problem, of course, is that GOOD seminars are EXPENSIVE.

    With entry fees of $3K or more… airfare… hotels… dinners and extra curricular networking events… and time away from your office… it’s an easy $5-7K you’re dropping just to be there.

    If you can afford it – GREAT. It’s worth every penny, and I’d thoroughly recommend it.

    But flying to the other side of the world and dropping precious cash in these uncertain times with no guarantee of an immediate return… is the reason why seminar attendance worldwide is dropping to lower-than-ever levels.

    That’s why I absolutely, 100% endorse and recommend the event that Ian del Carmen and Lee Benson are hosting this year.

    What they’ve done is put together a group of 15 of the best Internet marketers in the world today… with a combined annual wealth of over $30,000,000… and they’re bringing them DIRECTLY TO YOUR BROWSER!

    You can watch their presentations online directly from your computer, without ever leaving your seat.

    And because the content is streamed to you over your Internet connection vs. hiring a room at an expensive hotel, they’ve managed to slash the ticket price to a RIDICULOUSLY low level, whilst keeping the content on par with a $3-5K seminar.

    With over 15 hours of pure content from the likes of…

    – Russell Brunson
    – Joel Comm
    – Willie Crawford
    – Jacqui Harris
    – John Jonas
    – Kevin Riley
    – Brett Ingram
    – Raam Anand
    – Dan Klatt
    – Soren Jordansen & Cindy Battye
    – David Gale
    – Steve Yakim
    – Stephanie Mulac
    – Dr Brad Semp
    – Stephen Luc

    … This is set to be the the year’s greatest marketing event… and you won’t even have to leave home!

    Check it out at:


    All the best.

  • You may be thinking of the author of this article is crazy and you may be right. One thing that Winston Churchill said that no doubt has influenced some of SEO consultants I have worked is that next to the famous quote “I have made drinking more than it has taken me.” Not that this statement applies to the author, of course, I can say that safelly have defeated her drink! Really we can say that Winston Churchill gave the modern day Guru SEO Internet Marketing Consultant or any useful advice from his many great quotes. You can not think, but when considering the minefield of understanding the Google algorithm and constantly fight for the top of Google for important keywords against what sometimes seems like millions of competitors in a little “We will fight on the beaches”, etc. come to mind soon.

    Unfortunately, the biggest battle facing the majority of SEO consultants is chaos in their own market, which thousands of websites that offer SEO services and various levels of partial guarantees and so much contradictory advice is Rapidload become an industry is screaming for regulation. The owners of consumer and business web site is completely confused and not knowing who to trust.

    The reality of good SEO is that there are two aspects to the game is in place and the other external. Restaurants in the site structure is critical and if you take the time to read all the advice from Google Webmaster Google and the Google webmaster blog all the answers are there, no big secrets to follow the rules and make the work. If you do these two things until you have done more than his competitors, then you will win. I meet with many business owners are confused and distrustful of the SEO industry I can only conclude that as an industry we must recognize the qualifications and training, it really is time to clean up our act and put the bottle . If, as an industry that we trust and our industry to succeed we must be transparent about what we do, drop all the smoke and mirrors and dark treat in general. We must be prepared to explain what we do and do it properly with professional standards that deliver consistent results.

  • The world of Internet marketing is huge, growing and dynamic. The experience of entering this world for the sake of your business can be a somewhat intimidating and difficult. On the Internet, the word "marketing" has many different connotations for different people. Therefore, it is helpful if you understand the various ways you can "market" their products or services online. This article shares the 5 basic principles of Internet marketing.

    The 5 key to start your Internet marketing campaign

    Fundamental # 1: Personal Website

    Before getting deeper into the world of Internet marketing, you must have a website. A personal website business is a sure shot way to success long term. After all, did no better on their own instead of using some other website, and it depends for its success? Getting someone to create your website is easy now, especially because you are choosing the type of software packages available online. And the prices are too good! Keep your website easy for search engine optimization and future changes, if any may be needed.

    Fundamental # 2: Internet Advertising

    Now there are 2 different types of advertising online – free and paid. Using any of these two definitely is not as useful as using a combination of both. Not only a well-planned online advertising campaign, which involves both free and paid advertising, you get tremendous exposure, but also helps extend the reach of its business in the network. Simplest form of Internet advertising paid are banner ads, plus pay-per-click ads on article directories, etc help drive traffic to your website. Free advertising includes free advertisement, link building, article marketing, etc.

    Fundamental # 3: E-Newsletter

    One of the best ways to promote your business is by publishing their own newsletter that is emailed to people who visit your website and subscribe to it. Your e-bulletin should provide useful information that is SEO and related products and / or services. Believe me, this is a very effective long-term Internet marketing strategy.

    Fundamental # 4: Email Marketing

    If you want to launch your business and not want to spend too much money yet, then email marketing is the way forward. Not only will you your message to thousands of potential buyers, but also manage to create a long list of distribution along with valuable information.

    Fundamental # 5: Blogging

    Today, blogs have captured the imagination of the average Internet user. " A blog is a web log of his thoughts in writing on a regular basis. You can have your own blog site using Blogger.com or WordPress. Blogs help you connect to your target audience with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

    Of course, the Internet offers almost unlimited possibilities to anyone, anywhere to promote your business and making money once you learn the art of Internet marketing.

  • A Search Engine Optimization company is a company that has acquired practice in search engine optimization and marketing along with different types of internet marketing. The two very important ways of making online sales is to have a terrific website and serious online marketing. A great number of webmasters spend more effort on their website and little or no time actually marketing their product or service online. Yet marketing is essential to bring consumers to the website.

    Just like traditional companies an online venture needs a business plan. That business plan must have a marketing plan and budget. Internet marketing can be ridiculously inexpensive if done artistically. By the way, the more creative you can get with online marketing the better. It is easy to find new and exciting strategies to market your site online.

    Every online business owner must know the basics of Internet marketing. Understanding the basics of web marketing doesn’t mean that you need to do all the marketing yourself. The best ways to make sure that you’ll find the finest use of your online marketing budget is by making use of an SEO company. An SEO company or marketing firm can provide you the needed online marketing help as needed.c

  • Article writing is an art where thoughts and ideas are expressed through words. If you are looking out to develop your business and attract more traffic to your website then you must start writing and publishing articles about your niche.

    Content is always the King of a website, so updating your website with fresh and quality content will bring in more search engine spider activity and also attracts visitors to your website.

    There are 2 simple rules which you must follow in order to write an SEO friendly article:

    1. Your article must be very simple and easy to understand.

    Unless your niche is something related to obscure scientific or mathematical audience, keep your article simple and clean. You must not use long paragraphs as the readers may feel awkward. You must write an article in such a way that even a 5th grade student must be able to understand. Take example of magazine writers, their content is easily understood by wide range of users.

    Keep the sentences shorter and break longer paragraphs into shorter ones. Add a lot of white space so that your copy looks neat and doesn’t strain the readers’ eyes.
    read more…